jp laqueur

Jon P. Laqueur
JP founded Idea-ware in the summer of 2002 after more than a decade of notable marketing positions in the telecommunications industry. As a member of MCI's pioneering team of Internet marketers, he first acquired the skill of "translating" the technical features engineers love, into the product benefits customers actually buy. At PanAmSat he helped to package and market the world's first Internet over satellite services and at Qwest he supported the marketing and rollout of a ground-breaking channel sales program with thousands of Microsoft-certified solution providers. JP helped launch Eureka Broadband, one of the first "BLECs" in the nation, and was responsible for all Eureka's product development, strategy and alliances. Most recently JP worked at Broadwing Communications where as Director of Marketing he handled product marketing, competitive analysis, product analyst relations, and Field Marketing functions for the world's first all-optical network provider.

Since founding Idea-ware JP has become key marketing advisor to senior executives in messaging, strategy, communications, marketing operations at a diverse range of industries from telecom and technology to hospitality, healthcare, finance, media and green energy. JP Can be reached at JP@Idea-Ware.com

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