Cohere Communications Finds Brand Coherence with Idea-ware

screen-shot-2010-04-22-at-55708-pm2Steve Francesco left Wall Street years ago to build a different kind of telecommunications company.

He knew from experience that financial service firms needed voice and data communications with maximum uptime - because even a few seconds of outage can mean millions of dollars of lost revenue. Unfortunately, most telecom service providers focus only what happens outside the clients premises and as Steve and his engineers knew - more of then than not - the problems that would bring down a service would be found inside the office: open ports, poor LAN cabling, unsecured WiFi hubs, etc.

So they set out to build Cohere Communications - a next generation managed services provider that delivers both Managed IP Communications Services AND Managed IT Infrastructure services.

Over the years Cohere’s unique model and personal support garnered them a loyal customer base of financial services and media firms and yet, their brand never really stood out. Steve felt that their value and message was still lost among the chatter of a crowded marketplace. So he called Idea-ware.

We went to work evaluating Cohere’s operational approach, looking for unique advantages. We interviewed their customers to learn how Cohere managed to provide a higher quality of service - both in terms of technical performance and human support than some of some of the best and biggest competitors.

We came back with several brand frameworks to choose from, ultimately setting on the idea that Cohere is the invisible force (the “coherence”) that binds together all the elements of an enterprise communication system (LAN, WAN, etc) to allow them to work effectively together. Around this message we created a new logo, and a whole new design for the website.

screen-shot-2010-04-21-at-90505-amCohere now finally has a brand, a story and a message that matches the power of its service. As Steve likes to say, “For years I worked with various marketing managers and freelancers but no one was ever able to quite get to the heart of what makes Cohere unique. Idea-Ware was able to find that essence, communicate it, and build us a brand standard that we can apply ourselves now to any medium from email to web to print. We simply couldn’t be more pleased.”


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