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Thought Leadership Marketing: Leading Your Audience to the Thoughts That Matter!

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

screen-shot-2010-04-21-at-92542-amMany companies like to say they are “thought leaders” in their particular market and they spend an inordinate amount of money and time trying to prove it with white papers, analyst

briefings, etc.  More often than not, the effort falls short as their white paper or analyst quote is lost in the seas of information overload.

We believe the answer to thought leadership lies not in a periodic sighting in those seas - it is to BE the sea.  Or better yet - a filtered version of it.  Take any hot topic area and there are thousands of news sources about it. Your audience can’t keep up with all the information.  Give them a way to do so and you have just become their “thought leader”.

In the past the only way to do that was to build an online portal that aggregated information from multiple sources and presented it in a clean concise fashion.  But for most companies that was an endeavor beyond their reach requiring lots of RSS feeds, significant editing time, and the cost of building and maintaining a fully administrable website.  Until today…

screen-shot-2010-04-21-at-101725-am2HiveFire is a Cambridge MA start-up that is changing the game of Thought-Leadership marketing or what they call “Content Curation Marketing”  Their hosted, SaaS model service allows anyone to create and administer a robust thought leadership portal in just a few minutes a day.  It uses RSS feed sources and SEO-like keyword filtering to narrow down a newsfeed to several dozen of the most relevant articles per day.  You log in and flags the articles you want to keep, discard or feature on your portal.  The system then automatically drops them into sections you pre-determine - e.g new product announcements, press releases, opinion pieces - and auto creates an email newsletter that goes to your distribution list once a day.  You can add and highlight your own blog entries or news items and put them at the top.  The net result is a news hub related to your topic that contains only the most relevant news and information on your particular area topic and allows you to feature or highlight your own news - making you the perceived leader in that space.  And it takes just a few minutes a day!

screen-shot-2010-04-21-at-101752-am1For an example of how this looks check out This portal was set up by Lisa Rhodes, VP of Sales and Marketing at Verne Global - a green Data Center located in Iceland. Verne wanted to become the defacto thought leader in the Green Data Center space and used HiveFire to do it.  The site has not only raised Verne’s profile tremendously, it’s become a heavily trafficked source for industry folks and Lisa now has vendors and competitors emailing her their press releases and product launches to profile on the site.  Now THAT’s being a thought leader.

Idea-ware has become big fans of HiveFire and we’re are working with several customers to implement the system.  If  you are interested in developing your own thought leadership marketing effort - give us a call.


Doghouse - Sheer Genius

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

Talk about innovative long-form advertising!  This probably cost JC Penny $250K to produce and they will get millions of dollars of free advertising and viral expose as a result.  Hollywood may be struggling, advertising may be down, the economy may be sinking, but as long as their is broadband and some damn good creativity out there, at least we’ll have this kind of stuff to look forward to…

Even better, they built whole interactive site around it too…